Meet Sacred Valley Health’s New Community Coordinators!

Sacred Valley Health recently welcomed a group of new long-term community coordinators. They will spend the next six months serving as liaisons to our promotoras in our pilot communities in the Ollantaytambo District. Living with local Ollanta host families, using Spanish daily, and trekking to our high-altitude communities for data collecting, these four ladies have…

We Speak Spanish! ¡Hablemos Español!

Since most of our work is conducted in Spanish, Sacred Valley Health recently “launched” a website all in Spanish.  It’s still a work in progress, but you can access our initial draft here.  Please forward it on to all of your Spanish-speaking friends! Next goal: a website in Quechua?

A Worthwhile Whirlwind

It is hard to believe it has been over a week now since returning from Peru. This time as our plane landed in Rochester, NY I knew I wouldn’t find llamas and alpacas grazing on lush green hilltops but I welcomed the warm morning sun and the feeling of summer time. Sitting in a coffee…

One Week in Ollanta – A Visitor’s Perspective (cont’d.)

Continued from “One Week in Ollanta – A Visitor’s Perspective“ 5/21 Ollanta à Pisac We take off on a shopping excursion for the majority of the day. The market was a gigantic maze of scarves, ponchos, chess sets, yarn, hats, blankets, jewelry – you name it, we could buy it (and some of us did!). …

One Week in Ollanta – A Visitor’s Perspective

Yo hablo un pequeño Español. I wish I would have had time to learn (re-learn) more Spanish and medical Spanish!! 5/18 JFK à Bogota à Lima (4 hours of sleep) Avianca Airlines is amazing. Can’t believe we’re actually going to Peru, especially with such a great group of people. One person, una persona, speaks Spanish….