Exaltación: Educating and Empowering

She’s never been to school in her entire life. She doesn’t know what year she was born and thus, doesn’t know how old she is. For years, she never came down from the mountains in which she lived. She never learned Spanish, nor to read or write. She only speaks Quechua. She’s been told by some of the men in her life that she shouldn’t be learning about her body. Her name is Exaltación, and she is one of the 9 community health workers in Ayni Wasi/ Sacred Valley Health’s Women’s Health Program.


In 13 Quechua-speaking communities located in the mountains around the Sacred Valley of Peru, it is often unheard of for a woman to have a position of leadership. While this may be the custom within these communities, many women are yearning for experiences outside the traditional role of a homemaker. They want to be leaders…