Sofia’s Story



Once a month, we will be posting profiles of SVH promotores and docentes to introduce readers to our amazing community health workers.

For our first post, we would like to introduce Sofia, who lives in the community of Rumira Sondormayo. Rumira Sondormayo is home to approximately 20 families and is located on the northern side of the Sacred Valley. It has vibrant green valleys and smooth mountain peaks, which are often hidden among the low-lying rain clouds.

Sofia grew up in Rumira, where she attended primary and secondary school. Upon completion of secondary school, she moved to Urubamba, a bigger town, where she studied business management for five years before returning to Rumira. Sofia has also had the unique opportunity to travel to many other places, from Cajamarca in Peru, to Bolivia and Colombia.

In addition to working in public health as a promotora, Sofia also says that she enjoys making artisanal crafts and working on her chakra (farm). She has one daughter named Chaska, who is five years old, and whom she cites as her inspiration for wanting to learn more about the healthy growth of children.

She has been with SVH for just over a year now, and says that her community is very grateful for everything she teaches them.

“Before I started working with SVH, nobody in my community had the necessary knowledge for the healthy growth of our children. Now, as I conduct my house visits, my neighbors are more aware, and they keep getting better! They’re always thanking me for what I teach!”


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