The Power of Giving


This post is the first in a series that will be published throughout December 2015

            In the past ten years, advancements in technology and innovation have completely altered the way we communicate. Immediate correspondence throughout the globe, once thought impossible, is now easily achieved through Facebook or a Skype call. Each year, technology brings the world closer.

In response to this technology revolution, nonprofit work has also been transformed. According to the Digital Giving Index, in 2014, 45,000 nonprofit organizations received a total of $233 million in online donations.[1] While writing and sending a check is still an effective way to give, accessibility has become easier. Thanks to advances in technology, there are more opportunities than ever to make an impact across the world.

For that reason, Sacred Valley Health is reminding everyone that, “No matter the distance, you make a difference.” Just as technological innovation continues to inspire and amaze us, so can the potential to make an impact. Within moments, the online donation that you send will be processed and transferred from your home to Ollantaytambo, Peru. Your generosity converts into tools and knowledge that transform a community health worker’s life and the life of her community.

Communication technology has changed your life. Now, use it to change someone else’s.

You can give directly to Sacred Valley Health through PayPal or GlobalGiving. Sacred Valley Health is also a featured nonprofit on AmazonSmile. Thank you for your support

[1] “Online Giving Statistics”, Charity Navigator, 2015,

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