June, beginning the summer with love

In the rural areas surrounding Cusco, approximately 50% of children under 5 suffer from anemia.[1] This month on GlobalGiving, we’re fundraising for our Promotora Program, which trains promotoras to address the underlying issues that cause anemia and other health conditions in 13 often-neglected villages near the tourist hotspots of the Peruvian Andes.

If you’ve been following our blog for some time, you know how much our programs have grown during the past year. Last June, the promotoras were still in their initial training phase, and the Docente Program was still just a concept rather than a reality. Twelve months later, the Docente Program is in full swing, ensuring that the health knowledge gained during the promotora trainings is in the hands of local trainers and that it won’t be lost. Veteran promotoras are working independently as health promoters in their communities and sharpening their skills through continuing education trainings. It’s been a remarkable year.

But we need your help.

Sacred Valley Health is participating in GlobalGiving’s June Open Challenge. Our goal for this campaign is to generate $5000 from 40 unique donors throughout the month of June, which will earn us a permanent spot on the GlobalGiving site. All donations will be used to fund our first program, the one that started it all: the Promotora Program. A donation of $10 pays for one month of food incentives for a new promotora; a gift of $1000 provides safe transportation for veteran promotoras from their faraway communities to the office for all their continuing education trainings this year


The communities where we work are extremely geographically remote, and safe transportation for the promotoras is critical to our work.

Babies washing hands

Children being instructed by the promotoras to wash their hands. Thanks to our friend Jennifer Smalls for the photo!

If you’ve been following our blog for some time, you’ve seen how much the promotoras can do with a little. Just imagine what they’d be able to do with a little more.

Donate: www.globalgiving.org/projects/expand-health-access-in-rural-andes-peru/

Written by Courtney Weintraub

[1] http://www.paho.org/nutricionydesarrollo/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/The-economic-impact-of-anaemia-in-Peru-GRADE-AAH-2013.pdf

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