The power of vitamins

We’re making serious headway in eliminating malnutrition in the communities we serve. Thanks to a micronutrient grant from Vitamin Angels, we will provide 300 children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years and almost 100 pregnant and lactating women in our catchment area with multivitamins. Vitamin Angels is a non-profit organization that distributes vitamins to at-risk populations in over 40 countries around the world. Needless to say, we’re delighted to be partnering with them.

Thirty-two percent of children under five in rural Peru are chronically malnourished*. Micronutrient deficiencies are linked with conditions like anemia and poor immunological responses to disease. If children are malnourished, they lack the energy needed to fight off diseases like pneumonia and diarrhea, which are the leading causes of death in developing countries (World Health Organization). This is one reason why children in developing countries are ten times more likely to die before the age of five than children in developed countries (World Health Organization).

Nancy at the door

Vitamins will be distributed to children under the age of five, the window during which children benefit most from micronutrient supplementation.

The multivitamins provided by Vitamin Angels will fortify children and women in the communities we serve, strengthening their resilience to diseases. Vitamins will also help to break the cycle of poverty in the communities by improving children’s cognitive abilities and their performance in school.


A dose of Vitamin Angels’ multivitamins supply children with 75% of their daily folic acid, used to treat certain types of anemia.

The promotoras will distribute multivitamins during community-wide health presentations alongside education on proper nutrition and/or prenatal and postnatal health. Promotoras’ complementary education on nutrition will promote healthy habits like balanced meal preparation. Together, we believe that multivitamins and complementary education will chip away at malnutrition in the Cusco highlands.

Written by Courtney Weintraub

If you know of an NGO you think would benefit from a partnership with Vitamin Angels, let us know in the comments section, or send an email to!

*Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informática, TASA DE DESNUTRICIÓN CRÓNICA DE NIÑOS (AS) MENORES DE 5 AÑOS, SEGÚN ÁMBITO

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