Empowerment – two more days to have your gift matched!

CPR passing knowledge jpg

Beginning in January, five of our veteran promotoras (community health workers) will teach new promotoras de salud the skills they need to provide frontline care, spread health knowledge, and introduce disease-preventing practices to their communities. This initiative expands the geographic reach of our programming and also enhances the docentes’ status as leaders in their home communities. This kind of empowerment opportunity is rare and important for indigenous women in our catchment area.

As many of you know, SVH is a donor-supported 501(c)3 organization. It is only because of the generosity of donors that we are able to train and support promotoras and docentes who improve health in their mountain communities, far from the nearest clinic.

For the two more days, the Hope for the Poor Children Foundation will match all gifts to Sacred Valley Health dollar for dollar. Your gift will enable us to serve even more people in rural Peru!


“I want to thank Sacred Valley Health and the people that support the organization for giving me the opportunity to be a leader.” —Promotora Teresa, from the community of Huilloc


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