Promoting health through sharing knowledge

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“It has been a tremendous year for my family and me. This was my second year working as a promotora de salud in my town of Huilloc. More people seek out my knowledge every week.” –Promotora Teresa

As a Sacred Valley Health promotora (community health worker), Teresa provides health education and frontline care to the people of Huilloc, a mountain community where most people live without electricity or running water. Teresa is a long time resident of Huilloc, and was elected by fellow community members to be trained by Sacred Valley Health. Their trust in her enables her to be her highly effective at communicating health information. She speaks her neighbors’ language, shares their life experiences, and knows the barriers to health care access that they face.

This 2014, Teresa and the rest of the SVH promotoras taught health-promoting practices to 2220 people from their communities. Topics included the early detection of respiratory diseases, proper hygienic practices, and child nutrition.

Support Teresa and the rest of our promotoras in their work of preventing disease and alleviating suffering through simple, powerful health interventions. Between now and December 31, the Hope for Poor Children Foundation is matching all gifts to Sacred Valley Health dollar for dollar. Your donation will enable us to improve even more lives through frontline care and health education!


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