25,000 Opportunities to Double your Impact

front on - strength

“Before becoming a promotora, I’d always wanted to help my community, but I didn’t have the resources. I wasn’t prepared to give advice to my neighbors. Now, I have more knowledge and the strength to be a leader in my community. Before, when I needed to speak before an assembly of my community, my words would escape me, and I would completely forget what I had to say. I still get a bit nervous before giving presentations, but I tell myself to just do it. My words don’t escape me anymore.” – Promotora Teresa Echame Vargas, from the community of Huilloc

For the past two years, Teresa has worked as an SVH/Ayni Wasi promotora, providing frontline care and health education to her neighbors. Our Promotora Training Program has given Teresa and her fellow promotoras the tools to be the health leaders their communities need.

We invite you to continue strengthening our programs and supporting our promotoras.

The people we serve are primarily subsistence farmers who live high up in isolated communities, far from clinics. Each community’s promotora is the residents’ main source of health information and frontline treatment, and principal link to the government clinic. The Hope for the Poor Children Foundation will match all donations up to $25,000 between now and December 31. That’s 25,000 opportunities to double your impact to promote health in remote communities in rural Peru. Support our promotoras’ life-saving work today!

The SVH Team


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