The first docente training!

On Wednesday, SVH/Ayni Wasi began a new chapter with the first day of the docente training workshops. Docentes are promotoras  (community health workers) who have completed the training program and have been have been selected to teach and mentor our new class of promotoras. The five selected mentors met at the SVH/Ayni Wasi office for an introduction to the responsibilities and expectations of their new role.

The five docentes gather to learn more about their new roles.
The five docentes gather to learn more about their new role.

Becca Williams (Director of Operations) and Leticia Huanca (Head Nurse) reviewed how the docentes will advance the mission and vision of the organization.

  • Docentes will extend the services of SVH/Ayni Wasi to some of the most isolated communities in the Sacred Valley.
  • Docentes will receive additional training to develop expertise in certain health topics.
  • Docentes will serve as liaisons between SVH/Ayni Wasi and high Andean communities, benefiting the inhabitants.
  • Docentes will teach and mentor a new generation of promotoras.
Soccma valley landscape
View of the Soccma valley, one of the areas that we serve.

Later, the group discussed SVH/Ayni Wasi’s expectations and incentives. The highlight? Each docente will receive a monthly cash salary, a first for many of them. (Our promotoras are paid in food staples and other supplies rather than in cash.) The docentes’ enthusiasm is high, although everyone remained aware that the hardest work still lies ahead.

Ana Cecilia holding her docente folder.
Ana Cecilia holding her docente folder.

“Education is an intangible, but I think it’s the best tool we have to improve health,” explained Michelle Glatt, Director of Programming, to the docentes.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks to read more about the docentes’ outreach to some of the most remote communities in our district!

–Written by Courtney Weintraub

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