Promotoras Teaching Promotoras

“It’s all about sustainability. The Docente Program is so exciting because we are putting SVH/Ayni Wasi into the hands of Peruvians.” –Mary Underwood, Community Coordinator

photo 1 (5)
Over time, the lion’s share of promotora training and health education will be carried out by our capable promotoras.

For the past couple of weeks, SVH/Ayni Wasi staff has coached the graduated promotoras (community health workers) in a variety of skills associated with leadership, including public speaking and commanding the respect of peers. In addition to building promotoras’ knowledge base, these training workshops have prepared them for their transition to being docentes (mentors) to new promotoras. In the coming days, five veteran SVH/Ayni Wasi promotoras will be selected for the docente role.

photo 2 (5)
Promotoras exercise their communication skills through team-building activities like the human knot exercise.

Docentes will be responsible for teaching the community health worker curriculum to a new group of promotoras selected from some of the Sacred Valley’s most geographically isolated communities. Though still supported by SVH/Ayni Wasi community coordinators, docentes will be directly responsible for passing on their health knowledge and experience to the next generation of community health workers.

photo 3 (6)
Promotoras learn about various aspects of the docente role.

As Mary remarked, our organization will be more sustainable as a result of making the the transition to having docentes, rather than SVH/ Ayni Wasi staff, teach and mentor new promotoras.

Check back next week to meet the promotoras who have been selected to become leaders in the program as docentes!

photo 4 (4)
We want YOU to stay tuned. It only gets more exciting from here on out.

Written by Courtney Weintraub

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