¡Nuestros Empleados Nuevos!

Sacred Valley Health/ Ayni Wasi* is pleased to welcome six new staff members to the team this month.  From recent college grads to medical students to experienced public health professionals, they are a diverse and well-qualified group. While each of our new members has a different role within the organization, they have all come together with the common purpose of carrying out our mission: to promote health in the under-served rural communities of Peru’s Sacred Valley.

From left to right: Katherine U., Anna, Allie, Joe, Michelle, Catherine H.
Katherine U., Anna, Allie, Joe, Michelle, Catherine H.

Michelle Glatt: Public Health Specialist

Michelle comes to Ayni Wasi with a master’s degree in public health.  She’s here to assist in program development, supervise monitoring and evaluation, monitor data collection and analysis and oversee the community impact of our program.  Her work will help ensure that Ayni Wasi development is in line with our current mission and vision.  Fun fact:  She once rode bareback on an elephant for three hours while working on an animal preserve in Northern Thailand.  It was really fun for exactly two of those three hours!

Anna Gajewski: Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator

Anna joined Ayni Wasi in as the Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator in May 2014. Before moving to Peru she worked in vaccine research and development in Minnesota, was a program director for a non-profit in Nicaragua, earned her master of public health in epidemiology, and married her wonderful husband, Jesse! As the M & E Coordinator, Anna hopes to expand upon the existing data collection methods to continue to improve Ayni Wasi’s programs. Fun fact: Anna loves cooking and having potlucks.

Catherine Hansen: Community Coordinator

Catherine is happy to be part of the Ayni Wasi team!  She is the Community Coordinator for the Olmiron, Yanamayu, and Pampallacta. She enjoys hiking, camping, learning languages, practicing Japanese calligraphy, cooking, and hanging out with her niece Syndel. Fun fact: Once she nearly died white water rafting on the Nile (or at least it felt that way).

Katherine Un: Community Coordinator

Katherine joined Ayni Wasi to be the Community Coordinator for the promotoras working in Huilloc and Pilcobamba.  She grew up in France and has plenty of fun and strange stories about tourists, cowboys, horses and mountains.

Joseph Steffens : Intern

Joe is from Helena, Montana.  He is currently in his second year of medical school and is in Peru with Ayni Wasi via the University of Washington School of Medicine Global Health Immersion Program (GHIP). His role consists of providing male reproductive health education in Ollantaytambo and surrounding areas. Fun fact: Joe unexpectedly spent this last spring break in all four continental U.S. time zones.

Allie Lake: Intern

Allie joined Ayni Wasi as a summer intern in May 2014 – the same month that she graduated from Haverford College with degrees in math and computer science.  Her primary role is to help transition SVH to an electronic medical records system.  She enjoys yoga, technology, and being in nature. Fun fact: Allie has competed in two triathlons!

*Note: Sacred Valley Health is our name in English, but in Peru, we have a Quechua name. Most of the people we work with speak Quechua as a first language, and Ayni Wasi means “House of Reciprocity.” It refers to helping one another in the context of community.





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