Meet more of our new community health workers!

This week we would love to introduce to you four more of Sacred Valley Health’s promotoras (community health workers). Eight locally-elected promotoras have recently joined our team. Read about them here!

(L-R) Anastacio, Isabel, Ignacia, Valentina, Silvia Medina, Silvia Molina, and Elsa in front

Isabel Sinchi Taccu is a weaver from the community of T’tastayoc. Isabel, 47 years old, is keen to apply her new knowledge to her own household and to helping her neighbors.

Isabel from T'astayoc
Isabel from T’astayoc

Anastacio Apasa Sinche is the second promotora from T’tastayoc. He is 61 years old. Like many other men in our region, Anastacio farms his chakra, his family’s land. About 20 years ago, Agnastacio worked as a community health worker in a government initiative. The government ceased funding for that program, but Agnastacio has continued to practice what he learned. He is seen as a collaborator and a respected elder in his community, and we are very happy to have him on board alongside Isabel for the community of T’tastayoc.

Anastacio from T'astayoc
Anastacio from T’astayoc

Valentina Ttica from Rayan is 45 years old. She is very eager to be trained as a promotora. She is intelligent and capable, and has completed secondary school, a rare achievement among people in our catchment area.

Valentina from Rayan
Valentina from Rayan

Ignacia Silva Cruz from Marcuray is 36 years old. Ignacia is consistently active in development projects in her community. She is a director of the Marcuray Justice System, “Rondas Campasinas”, which was initiated by the community due to the lack of government law enforcement.   Ignacia has 10 children, all of whom are in primary or secondary school.

Ignacia from Marcuray
Ignacia from Marcuray

Stay tuned for an update on our promotora training and mapping efforts in Soccma!

–        Darragh


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