Phase 2 of the Promotora Program Kicks Off

Last Thursday, Sacred Valley Health welcomed eight new promotoras (community health workers) from seven new communities for a morning of orientation. These promotoras were elected by their communities in the last couple of months, and they worked with SVH staff to gather demographic and health data in their communities in July and August. Now they are beginning their training as our first group of promotoras graduates to their second year.

Orientation for the new promotoras.
Orientation in the SVH/ Ayni Wasi offices for the new promotoras and promotor.

Leticia, our Peruvian nurse, welcomed the promotoras in Quechua (the native language of most people in our area). She spoke about the goals of the program, and explained the contents of the contracts that the promotoras and their communities will sign with Ayni Wasi (the Quechua name of Sacred Valley Health  in Peru). Leticia emphasized that each promotora is taking on a leadership role in his or her community, and described the responsibilities that go along with that. Then everyone else – SVH staff and promotoras – then took turns introducing themselves.

Next, the promotoras discussed the health problems they see in their communities and made drawings to represent both the problems and the changes that they hope to effect.

Promotora Isabel describes her community, T'astayoc
Promotora Isabel describes her community, T’astayoc

Orientation came to a close with lunch and a speech by Leticia.  She spoke powerfully about the importance of the promotoras’ work, summarized the topics of the day, and reminded them of the date of first capacitacion (training day) which will be held tomorrow, September 13.

Promotora Elsa gets a helping hand from her little one.
Promotora Elsa from Piscacucho gets a helping hand from her little one.

Stay tuned to hear about the upcoming capacitaciones!

– Written by Darragh Casey

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