General Assemblies and Health Campaigns with University of Rochester

Last week, Sacred Valley Health hosted three amazing nursing students from the University of Rochester. Although they were only with us for five days, the U of R nurses attended three general assemblies and participated in two health campaigns. They dove in head first by visiting a general assembly on Monday and followed it with their first health campaign in Soccma on Tuesday (see Stewart’s post for more details!).


On Wednesday the nurses accompanied SVH to the communities of Huilloc and Patacancha, where our promotores gave successful demonstrations at the general assemblies in their respective communities. In Huilloc, promotoras Santusa and Teresa introduced themselves as members of Ayni Wasi (our organization’s name in Quechua, the local language) and spoke about what they had been learning, using back pain prevention as an example. Up in Patacancha, promotoras Gabriel and Victoria acted out a scenario for treating fractures. With the dramatic performance of community coordinator Stewart as patient, Gabriel and Victoria put their skills on display for their community by splinting Stewart’s fractured arm and referring him to the nearest Posta (government outpost clinic).

Patacancha’s General Assembly

On Thursday the group headed back up to Huilloc for a health campaign with the pre-kindergarten classes. The nurses taught lessons on hand washing and tooth brushing. They also recorded the height, weight and cavity count of every child, which will be used to measure impact as SVH continues its work in the community of Huilloc.


A big thank you to the U of R nurses, who helped us accomplish a great deal in their five days here and still managed to get in some serious playtime!

– Written by Erin Ryan

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