SUNY Brockport nursing students join forces with Sacred Valley Health

Last week, Sacred Valley Health welcomed twenty-two nursing students and teachers from the State University of New York (SUNY) Brockport for a multi-day medical campaign. Early on Thursday morning, our guests of honor gathered in the office for a briefing on SVH’s work and to prepare for the campaign. The SUNY team participated in exercises to identify and discuss aspects of Andean culture that we need to consider as we make health inquiries and deliver care in remote communities. The campaign focuses on schoolchildren and was planned in collaboration with school and community leaders.

In the SVH office, SUNY Brockport students prepare to run health education stations during the campaign.
At the SVH office in Ollantaytambo, SUNY Brockport students plan the health education stations they will run during the campaign.


On Friday, the SUNY Brockport nursing students broke into small teams and each team designed a station for teaching an important concept or skill. The concepts included nutrition essentials and the importance of personal hygiene. Skills included brushing teeth and washing hands. In addition to running these stations and leading related educational activities, the nursing students will perform basic health checks on participating schoolchildren and on community members who request treatment. The nursing professors will provide treatment to those in need.

This picture will be used in the lesson on personal hygiene.
This drawing will be used in the lesson on personal hygiene.

Please check SVH’s Facebook page for frequent updates! The week’s schedule includes school health days in Huilloc and Tanca, and school and community health days in Yanamayo and Soccma.

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