Getting ready for health campaigns in rural schools

Following the influx of new volunteers, we have begun to implement some of the ideas we brainstormed during the rainy season. As I mentioned in previous posts, the promotores’ skills and knowledge have grown so much that they are now able to provide health education in their communities. In the coming weeks, more promotores will present at general assemblies, teach health-related skills to small groups of community members, and work with nursing students from St John Fisher University (Rochester, NY) in health campaigns in schools. Since people don’t have access to fluoridated water here, tooth decay and toothache are major issues. Promotores and nursing students will distribute toothbrushes and toothpaste and teach children how to brush their teeth. The SVH team will also review proper hand washing technique and reinforce the children’s understanding of how washing their hands will help them to stay healthy.

Washing hands outside of the school building.

We are excited about watching our promotores become the teachers. They are enthusiastic about visiting schools with us and helping to organize campaigns. Watch this space for reports of them in action!

Promotora Teresa and Community Coordinator Harriet outside the Huilloc school, where they met with the director in order to plan a health campaign.

Also coming up… expect a blog from Gil and Stewart about their experiences in the Patacancha Posta, where they are learning about the community’s health needs and exploring options for future collaboration!

– Written by Rose Nichol


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