SVH Welcomes New Community Coordinators

The past week has been action-packed at the SVH office. After 3 months of having only 6 people quietly working away, the team has expanded. We are excited to welcome 3 new volunteers: Harriet Napier and Stewart Decker from the USA and Gil Bell from the UK. Stewart and Harriet dove enthusiastically into their roles as community coordinators. They will liaise directly with the promotores enrolled our the training program, assisting with training, administering pre- and post-tests, and raising health awareness in the communities. We have enjoyed introducing them to the promotores’ communities and transport routes – trials and tribulations included!

Well, it wouldn’t be a proper introduction to Peruvian transport without at least one broken down vehicle (too much weight apparently – could it have been the people on the roof?!….

The coordinators will attend the communities’ general assemblies to support and encourage the promotores, who will present what they have learned in their most recent trainings with SVH. (Check out this recent post about Pedro’s presentation in Piscacucho.) In Patacancha, Stewart informed community members that he and Gil will be staying in the Posta (the government clinic) next week and collaborating with nurses from the Ministry of Health to strengthen our training program. He and Gil are looking forward to getting to know Patacancha community members during their stay there!

Community members at the General Assembly in Patacancha enthusiastically received the news that Stewart and Gil will be staying in the Posta next week!

Gil has volunteered to spend much of her time here living in the remotest communities that we serve, Yanamayo and Kelkanka. She is a paramedic and will be an invaluable resource as she works with our promotores there to strengthen their skills and knowledge … we can’t wait to hear her stories!

Here's Gil on a previous adventure in Bolivia!
Here’s Gil in Bolivia, on a previous adventure to a remote place!

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