Promotor Pedro Teaches at Piscacucho’s General Assembly

As our promotores gain knowledge, they become valuable sources of health education for their communities, and they demonstrate their skills at community meetings. Last Saturday, promotor Pedro presented some basic emergency response skills at the Piscacucho General Assembly.

Pedro takes SVH volunteer Rose Nichol’s pulse

As I lay on the floor, acting dummy, Pedro captured the assembly’s attention. I could feel all eyes straining to see as Pedro expertly demonstrated CPR. Finally, he placed me in the position of security, and explained why this is necessary to avoid choking. I was so proud of his professional manner and clear presentation that I didn’t even care about the dirt that covered me from the floor!

Heimlich Maneuver

When Pedro demonstrated the Heimlich Maneuver, he propelled me into the air and this brought a big round of applause. I am confident that next time there’s a medical emergency in Piscacucho, Pedro will be sought out!

Written by Rose Nichol

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  1. frand says:

    I just want to say thanks for help them, they are my people and the lady in the picture is my tia huges

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