SVH and Broad Street Maps: Our Mapping Project Begins!

Last week a team from Broad Street Maps joined us in Ollantaytambo to begin a two month mapping project. During March and April, we will be working with them to map all of the communities that Sacred Valley Health currently works in, as well as the communities we hope to expand to soon. The maps will help us gather demographic data and answer some key questions about where people seek care and who utilizes our community health workers’ services.
Using handheld GPS devices, the team will record the exact location of each household and map each community. We anticipate that collecting this geographic information will allow us to visualize data at the household level, and help us plan our trainings and campaigns more efficiently. As we move around the communities, we will conduct a basic survey, asking families about the ages and genders of household residents, their water sources, which health centers they use, and whether or not they have a chimney and a latrine.
A typical well found in a family's home
A typical well found outside a family’s home

The first community that we’re mapping is Piscacucho, which lies at the start of the Inca Trail. Our team spent Monday and Tuesday collecting data with promotores Pedro and Sirilio, as well as Leticia, our wonderful nurse. Some households were located along the road, while others required us to hike up the mountain. People were generally very excited about the project. In total, we were able to collect location data for about 100 families in two days! Over the next few days, we’ll be working to sort the data and make some example maps before moving on to the next communities!

Hannah, Laticia, Anna and Emmy in Piscacucho
Hannah, Laticia, Anna and Emmy in Piscacucho

Written by Broad Street Maps’ Hannah Judge

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