Day 1 and 2: SVH’s Recent Medical Campaign

Medical students from Wayne State University hit the ground running last week as they arrived in Ollantaytambo to participate in a medical campaign with SVH/Ayni Wasi. Arriving with boundless energy, the students immediately helped us set up a three-day medical campaign – transforming the Salon Communal in Ollantaytambo into a clinic and pharmacy for the first two days.

Salon communal
The Wayne State students help transform Ollanta’s ‘salon communal’ into a medical clinic

As locals lined up, the students and Ayni Wasi volunteers triaged patients, working collaboratively with Spanish-Quechua translators to ensure all necessary information was obtained. Students enthusiastically provided advice on preventative care for back pain and educated patients on matters relating to their health and well-being, in line with the Ayni Wasi focus on empowerment via education.

Wayne State students help triage patients
Wayne State students help triage patients

SVH set up a “well child” area to assess children who came in with medical complaints, provide information on healthy eating and normal growth patterns, and to ensure that all children were up to date with vaccinations!

Children wait in the "well child" area
Children wait in the “well child” area

Collaborating with local organizations, patients were also able to have a basic dental check-up – receiving toothbrushes, toothpaste, and advice on brushing – always useful with the Peruvian love of sugar! Cervi Cusco provided pap smears free of charge last Thursday, an invaluable service in this part of the Andes, where access to screening is low and incidence of cervical cancer is high.

It was a busy first two days of SVH’s most recent medical campaign!

Ollanta's 'salon communal' in action as a busy clinic during last week's medical campaign
Ollanta’s ‘salon communal’ in action as a busy clinic during last week’s medical campaign

Learn more about Wayne State’s School of Medicine students on their medical missions blog.

Written by SVH Community Coordinator Rose Nichol

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