Flooding and Flexibility in the Sacred Valley

Following the February 9 flash floods, this past week’s proposed trainings were put on hold as Sacred Valley Health staff and volunteers set out to seek where we could be of best use. Unable to reach many of the communities we work with, we concentrated on helping those we could.

On Wednesday we took basic medical supplies out to promotoras in the village of Tancca, walking along train tracks from where the road suddenly dropped into the raging Urubamba River, surrounded by people carrying heavy loads of basic supplies.

Guess we're walking from here...
Guess we’re walking from here…

Knowing that our promotoras are in this community, trained in basic first aid and requesting supplies to help their local communities, has given us a real insight into how their training benefits in ways we hadn’t anticipated.

Where once there were houses...
The village of Tancca: an area where houses once stood

We returned to this community – one of the most badly affected – accompanied by volunteers from local NGO Awamakiarmed with bundles of rice, eggs, clothes and medication.

Arriving to find the whole community gathered by the church sharing a communal breakfast, we divided into groups. Some spent the morning providing a hot meal of rice and eggs for the children, others organized and provided treatment for medical issues in the church, some played football with children and another group distributed food and water packages to the 20 or so families who had lost their homes to the waters.

Sonja – one of our wonderful promotoras  - helping distribute food to children in Tancca
Sonja – one of our wonderful promotoras – helping distribute food to children in Tancca

This community is just starting a long journey to rebuild itself and there is much uncertainty at present.  Despite the gravity of the situation, it was somewhat reassuring to witness so many displays of generosity and kindness: many people donated food supplies and there are so many strong-willed people who have been volunteering all hours to provide food and shelter to those affected.

Awamaki volunteers help distribute food to families
Awamaki volunteers help distribute food to families

Watch this space and our Facebook page for more information about how Tancca and other local communities have been affected by this disaster as we continue to work with them after recent events.

 Written by SVH Community Coordinator Rose Nichol

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Judy & Fred Nichol says:

    Hi Rose Nichol
    It’s good to see the community getting together to help those who need it.
    We could do with a little of that rain here, very dry, had no decent rain since November!
    We’re Red Cross volunteers in our community in Central Hawke’s Bay, NZ. The Christchurch branch of Red Cross is still helping people 2 years after the earthquakes there.
    Kind regards & love
    Judy & Fred Nichol

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