Sacred Valley Health’s Data Collection Project – The First Day

“Tu Panaches Cama” is Quechua for “see you later.” After visiting nearly 40 homes in one day, this phrase rolled off our tongues like native speakers. To say our first round of data collection was an adventure was a great understatement. The day was immensely long, filled with a spectrum of weather, and multiple livestock encounters. After nine hours of visiting homes and climbing at elevations of more than 13,000 feet/4000 meters we managed to visit every home with the exception of two. We used a GPS to gather coordinates of the community, in which ideally we will overlay data to identify areas of sickness (with the help of a University of Vermont professor). We visited with every family to reinforce the purpose of the posters (afiches) and to gather data of each individual within the community.

SVH staff on a data collecting trek
SVH staff on a data collecting trek

Sacred Valley Health/Ayni Wasi is working under the advisement of Socios en Salud/Partners in Health in a pilot study within one of our promotora communities. This study is SVH’s first attempt to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our promotora training curriculum outside of the classroom. SVH staff is collecting baseline health data (pertaining to frequency of diarrhea and cough) over the course of eight weeks in the high Andean community of Yanamayo. The town residents have been self-reporting certain illnesses on a poster or “afiche” in members of the household and SVH staff will be visiting every two weeks to record the data listed on the afiches. Based on our results, we hope to be able to better provide the appropriate interventions and target our promotora training.

There will be more stories and news to come as we continue this pilot project during the first months of 2013!

SVH ED Keri Baker with a young girl in Kelccanka
SVH ED Keri Baker with a young girl in Yanamayo

Written by Sacred Valley Health Executive Director Keri Baker and Project Coordinator Julia Curry

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