New Community Health Worker Training + New Photos

This month’s training in Patacancha was a huge success! The topic of this month’s training was dealing with diarrhea and its causes and prevention. In previous trainings we taught about CPR, wound bandaging, and other general triage skills. With the next few months of training in mind, we have started to move in the direction of hygiene (first with diarrhea, and next month we will focus on coughs and vomiting). We chose these topics because the promotoras and other community members have indicated that these are some of the most common illnesses within the communities and we are working to train the promotoras in skills that will be most useful. We reviewed types of diarrhea and how people can get it and taught them how to make an oral rehydration drink to combat the effects of dehydration as a result of diarrhea.

This month their food payment had a Christmas theme-we gave them panettone (a traditional fruit bread) and supplies to make chocolatada as well as a solar-powered lantern.

Here is a sample of photos from our recent training. Additional photos can be found on our Facebook page.

Promotora Victoria practicing CPR
Promotora Victoria practicing CPR
Promotora Ana Cecilia’s little boy drawing on the Patacancha clinic wall.
Practicing filling out the new “fichas” (promotora documentation pages)
Promotoras at 4 stations practicing first aid skills

My time volunteering with Sacred Valley Health is now up. While it is hard to say goodbye to the Sacred Valley and our promotoras, we had a very successful training and are excited for future trainings!

Written by SVH Volunteer Adam Kraus

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