Just Another Training Day… at 12,000 Feet

Sacred Valley Health recently led its third promotora training, this time in the high-altitude town of Yanamayo. Despite a few challenges, it was largely a very successful and positive day!

We began the training with a comprehensive review of the previous training themes (CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver, and indicators of grave illness), before moving on to the new training topic.

Our training focus was to discuss the role of promotoras and introduce new patient record forms (fichas) and posters (afiches) for promotora homes.  For each activity, we initially paired promotoras and later joined together as a group to share ideas.  Ayni Wasi staff Leticia, Miguel and Ruben performed a “mini drama” to demonstrate best practices for promotoras to enter a patient’s house and how to react sensitively when a patient presents a problem. We hoped that this training would specifically promote discussion and dynamic interaction between Ayni Wasi personnel and promotoras — which we hope we accomplished!

The promotoras definitely seem to be increasingly enthusiastic and comfortable with each new training session. Thanks to a visiting professional photographer Chris Walter we were lucky to capture some great photos of the training. Check some out below or see the full album here.

Matilde (Yanamayo) and Victoria (Patacancha) practicing the Heimlich Maneuver at the 3rd Promotora training in Patacancha.
Viviana speaking with Justa’s husband and explaining the poster (afiche).
Matilde and Julia practicing CPR with Ruben at the Patacancha training.
Julia, Kristen and Viviana (Yanamayo) speaking with Viviana’s cousin about the poster (afiche).
Group shot after the promotora training (from left: Miguel, Matilde, Leticia, Ruben, Viviana, Teresa & son, Victoria & daughter, Patacancha girl).

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