Sacred Valley Health on Parade

Sacred Valley Health/Ayni Wasi staff, volunteers, community health workers, and fans recently marched in a parade to celebrate Ollanta’s 138th anniversary!  The parade features schools, the local police, artisans, communities in the Ollantaytambo district and just about every group one could imagine in the greater area. Needless to say, Ollanta’s population about tripled in size for all of the celebrations. In classic Peruvian fashion, the parade was supposed to start at 10 AM, but we ended up getting in line at 1 PM with about 500 people (see picture below). With our Ayni Wasi nurse, Leticia, pushing us all through the crowd, we fought our way to the front for our one minute of glory. We expected to walk around the entire plaza, but turns out that our parade route was just straight through the middle. After successfully getting our name announced in front of the rest of the town, we made sure to document our experience with all of our promotoras who made the long trip in to Ollanta! Here’s to the first of many successful parades for SVH!

Hard to squeeze through the crowd of 500+ people
SVH staff, volunteers, and promotoras pose for a picture after proudly marching around Ollantaytambo

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