A Strong and Healthy Cry

On a recent Tuesday, SVH visited the village of Kelccanka for our first of two September medical campaigns. When we arrived, SVH volunteer Sarah and I accompanied Pamela, a nurse from Cusco, and Beatrice, a Kelccanka promotora, to find children due for vaccinations. Before we set out to give the vaccinations, we took a brief detour to visit a family who had welcomed a baby boy just two days before in their home. I had to crouch down to get through the small doorway, and it took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the dark, smoky interior, but I could hear a strong and healthy cry. Soon enough, my sights confirmed a strong new baby. Even though the circumstances of this birth were different and admittedly riskier than those we are accustomed to in Western medicine, we were relieved and ecstatic to find that both mom and baby were doing well after the in-home birth. The family was very grateful to our doctor and nurses for checking on them, and brought a plate of potatoes to express their gratitude as we were leaving!

The new mother at home in Kelccanka
The mother with her new baby
A visiting SVH physician
A strong and healthy baby!

Written by SVH volunteer Payton Kensersky

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