First Aid Training for New Promotoras, Part 2

This past Tuesday, Sacred Valley Health/Ayni Wasi held another first aid training session at the Chilca posta with a second group of promotoras, this time from the villages of Pampallacta and Piscaccucho. Despite some hiccups and a few late arrivals, the training ran smoothly and trainer Asencio was as engaging and informative as he was during our first training. All promotoras now have new calendars with review session and future training dates to hang in their kitchens. Be sure to check out our full photo album of our first aid training sessions on the SVH Facebook page.
Julia Curry having her “broken” arm splinted by Sonja (promotora from Piscaccucho). Leticia (SVH nurse) observing from the left.
Welcome to our new volunteer (on his second day with us), Adam Kraus. Hilda is bandaging his head while SVH’s Payton Kendsersky and Natasha Lee look on.
Group shot for the Day 2 1st aid training at the Chillca posta. Looking forward to the next (beginning of October)!

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