Happy Birthday Patacancha!

On a recent Thursday the SVH crew went up to Patacancha, one of the six communities where we are implementing the promotora pilot program, to celebrate Patacancha’s 18th Anniversary. Although Patacancha has probably been around since the first ever potato was planted, it was 18 years ago that the community received official recognition to be incorporated into the Ollantaytambo District. We pulled up to the community soccer field and joined the crowd of ponchos and bright orange skirts for a series of speeches. There were speeches recognizing all sorts of different groups within Patacancha, including the Awamaki weavers, students grouped by their classroom and year, and, lo and behold, Ayni Wasi (SVH)! After the President thanked us for coming, we lined up behind the other groups to march past the front of the assembly in a two-by-two formation.
After the speeches were finished, we met briefly with our two Patacancha promotoras to wish them a Happy Anniversary and speak to them about the promotora trainings. All in all, it was a great morning and we felt privileged to have been invited to the celebration. We look forward to attending our other communities’ anniversaries, too!
Patacancha anniversary celebration
A Patacancha pup enjoying the festivities

Written by SVH volunteer Amy Veinoglou

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