An Update on the SVH Disabilities Campaign

SVH has been working hard on our disabilities campaign these past few months. As you know, SVH is a new organization with a focus on implementing promotoras (community health workers) in rural and underserved communities. Because of this we are sadly in the process of phasing out our disabilities campaign. Thus, we have made sustainable goals for each of our patients to ensure they will still receive the care and support they need even in our absence.

One of our patients, Paulino, a 52-year old man who suffered from a stroke 2 years ago, is currently in San Juan de Dios, a hospital in Cusco, receiving therapy three-times a week. Another one of our patients, Jose, a cheerful 20-year old with cerebral palsy, will be joining Arco Iris’ outreach program in the coming weeks. Arco Iris is a local school specifically geared towards children with disabilities. Their outreach program will enable Jose to be visited by a physiotherapist once a week as well as provide his family social and legal support.

SVH volunteer Ruth with Jose

You’ll also remember, Nati, a spunky 76-year old woman who constantly reminds me that I cannot cook and will never be able to hook a man; she will continue to receive social support and interactions with volunteers from another organization, MySmallHelp (MSH). We have also been collaborating with MSH with our following two patients, Roxanna, an 11-year old with epilepsy, and Alex, a 14-year old with cerebral palsy. We hope that Roxanna will be able to attend Arco Iris in the next month. Their programs will enable her to receive more one-on-one attention with teachers specializing in children’s disabilities.

As for Alex,  we are working towards fundraising money to build him a new bedrail to prevent him from falling out of bed. We are also in the process of working with several organizations to determine a long-term sustainable solution for Alex.

Natasha with Alex

We still have a lot of work ahead of us in terms of our disabilities campaign, but we have been making great progress one step at a time!

Written by Sacred Valley Health Volunteer Natasha Lee

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