What’s Up, Doc?

August is the month that most young people (and professors) view as the end of summer.  In the last few years I viewed August as the final month that I have to wake up en la madrugada (in the early morning) to get a 2-hour roller ski workout in before the scorching sun and horrid humidity suck the life out of me.  Now, August is just another (winter) month, but one in which skiing is only possible at the base of Ausangate.

As far as SVH work and life as a Coordinadora de Capacitación de Promotoras, my Peruvian August has been like everyone’s favorite talking-mouse and beloved Looney character “Speedy Gonzalez”… that is a month moving at andale andale FAST pace.

Volunteers (most of them slowly but surely recovering from the wrath of giardia during July) have been busy with orientations of promotoras and several health campaigns in the last week.  Recently, the crew (including Lynn, a nurse practitioner from the University of Rochester) made a trek to Pampallacta for another health campaign.  We all got eaten alive by phantom flies.  We also saw several patients, broke fresh pan de trigo (wheat bread) with them and got a tan (or sunburn in my case).

SVH community health workers
SVH volunteer Natasha Lee measuring patients’ weight

NP Lynn will be traveling with us to Soccma on Thursday to serve the people of this rural village down another Andean valley. Although I don’t think many patients will show up munching on a cartoonishly orange carrot, I do think they will go Bugs Bunny and throw a ¿qué tal? or ¿como estás? at her {see blog post title}.

NP Lynn examining a girl in a nearby mountain community

Written by Sacred Valley Health volunteer Julia Curry

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