Early Mornings in the Andes

I am a morning person and always have been.  Getting out for an early run or roller-ski, indulging in one (and sometimes two) cups of Starbucks Dark Roast coffee, and sitting on my front porch eating yogurt and fruit was my typical (summer) regiment in the states.

In Ollanta however, the first few hours of the day vary greatly.

When I first got to Ollanta, I quickly became accustomed to waking up at the crack of dawn to go for a run with my fellow volunteers/exercise-enthusiasts.  But once these lovely people returned to normal life in the US, I abandoned this morning ritual.  Instead, I now lay in bed with my window open, and listen to the sounds of the sequia (water canal) and marvel at the site of ancient Inca ruins on the hillside. Often times, though, I have to hop on a fruit truck or catch an early morning combi to get to a far mountain community and I am once again  reminded of how early my body was once programmed to rise and run. Beautiful sunrises in the Andes also help remind me that being a morning person isn’t all that bad…

Sunlight reflecting off the Ollanta granary ruins

Written by Sacred Valley Health Volunteer Julia Curry

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