Oats, Chocolate/Sugar, Evaporated Milk, a Little TLC, And …Tada! Chocolatada!

Adventures with Peruvian cuisine are abundant in Ollanta, but even with consideration for all the potato-potential, Sacred Valley Health’s favorite food would certainly still be “chocolatada.”

If SVH whips up a batch of this food for breakfast (or lunch or dinner, depending on time and appetite), we can guarantee people will soon be crowding for a cup! Chocolatada is indeed a very common breakfast food in this area and is served also with bread. SVH is known for providing chocolatada weekly at the local Ollanta clinic (the “posta”) as well as serving up several cups to all patients and family who travel to our mobile clinics. Since many of our health campaigns are held in the school buildings, in addition to the patients, students are also able to enjoy a nice warm meal!

Patient at a mobile clinic enjoying a yummy chocolatada

Do you want to try this concoction at home? Have a brunch coming up and want to whip up a new dish to share with many friends? Try something new and very different (if not mostly-nutritious and mostly-delicious)!


3 or 4 gallons water
1 kilo of oats
2 bars of chocolate
1 kilo of sugar
2 cans of evaporated milk
1 packet of cinnamon (2 tablespoons) is optional

Bring the water to a boil for several minutes (if you’re using purified water, feel free to abbreviate this step!). Add oats, sugar, milk, and chocolate. Stir for about 5 minutes while the mix works its way back to a boil and cooks for another 5 minutes. Tada!!

We recommend also splurging on a banana – or even two – for an extra scrumptious flavor! When the chocolatada cools, serve in any coffee cup you can find and sip slowly with a side of bread (white toast will suffice) and you’ll have the full experience…buen provecho!

Volunteers enjoy chocolatadas, too!

Written by Sacred Valley Health Volunteer Michelle Willcox

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