No Time Clock Required

Although you know we often adventure to general assemblies and mobile clinic days, what is it that we do on all those other days? With an organization as active as ours, it can be hard to explain everything that falls into the category of “all in a day’s work.” In the office, we collaborate on research proposals, project follow-ups, meetings for different health campaigns, orientations for new volunteers, organization of future mobile clinic days, meetings with presidents of our partnering communities, weekly roundups with all staff and volunteers, and so much more!

Although this tranquil photo shows our office in a sunny light, there’s more to the work atmosphere than meets the eye!

Sam, hard at work – nose to the grindstone

With the temporary market bustling next door, our favorite market vendor selling (and yelling) “CHICHA, MATE, MANZANA” right outside our front door, moto/car alarms beeping for hours on end, a hit or miss (these days more often miss!) internet service, and a very literal ‘open door’ policy, our office is far from the quiet and composed workplaces you might have experienced in your professional careers. However, we are always working and meeting and staying very flexible regarding the when, where, about what, and with whom specifications.

Another unique aspect to our workplace is our fun and evolving health team social calendar! Office mornings might start with zumba and a stroll through the market for a snack to share, office lunch breaks typically run for an hour (or more depending on the size of the host family meal, large or larger or largest you’ve ever seen!), and we might even wrap up a tough or stressful workday with yoga. Our last yoga class even had a new yogi from Brad’s host family (who discovered yoga was much more difficult than expected).

Our office – transformed into a yoga studio after hours…

Yep, this definitely is a place that (happily) won’t fit the description of an average nine to five.

Written by Sacred Valley Health volunteer Michelle Willcox

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