One…Two…Three Promotoras!

Last Wednesday was an exciting day for Sacred Valley Health. A group of us ventured up Patacalle to the rural town of Huilloc to present our community health worker, or promotora, training program at Huilloc’s monthly general
assembly. After countless delays due to passing oxen, road construction, and a relentless flat tire in the truck in front of us, we finally arrived in the small town of Huilloc and headed to the futbol stadium to join the general assembly.

Impressively, it seemed as though the entire town was in attendance. After a brief introduction on our behalf by the community President, our nurse Leticia presented an overview of our promotora training program in Quechua, where she explained the program’s goals and objectives in detail and asked the community to elect two promotoras to participate in the program.

Our nurse Leticia addressing the community of Huilloc

Our presentation was well accepted by the community members. In fact, the president of Huilloc decided to elect three promotoras right then and there –more than we anticipated – but the community wanted to make sure that there were enough promotoras to represent each geographic area of the community.

The three women who were elected gladly accepted the position and stood in front of the assembly to take an oath, thereby promising to commit their best work to the project. We are thrilled to have three new promotoras on board and look forward to returning to Huilloc to visit each promotora’s home and become acquainted with their families.

The three newly-selected promotoras taking an oath to serve the community of Huilloc
A Sacred Valley Health staff photo op – Ayni Wasi (SVH Peruvian NGO) President Miguel Galdo, the three new Huilloc promotoras, SVH nurse and promotora coordinator Leticia Huanca Guevara, and SVH Medical Director Dr. Mark Willcox

Posted by Amy Veinoglou, Sacred Valley Health Volunteer

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