Up and Running!

The Sacred Valley Health office has been up and running for over a month now. However, making our new space a usable office took lots of energy and a bit of finesse – from painting, dividing up less-than-glamorous office chores, finding furniture, sharing limited desks, establishing office hours… to running errands to ensure that we have everything from meds for the upcoming mobile clinic trip to a trash can for the bathroom.

Having things up and running has also taken on a more literal meeting for our employees and volunteers. The nearby road up to many of the rural villages we serve has been closed off and on for construction… so our staff has often had to flag down a passing motorcyclist or a packed van in order to make a town meeting on time or to set up a mobile clinic in the remote communities we serve. Last month, our nurse and doctor raced 30 minutes downhill on foot in order to meet with a school official and still have time to make it back to the road and catch the last available bus for Ollantaytambo… now that’s dedication!

The ability to run is not a mandatory skill that we look for in our staff, but it certainly has proven useful. Running to catch transportation, running a project with limited supervision, and even running after (or from!) stray dogs that wander into the office are all just part of the typical day’s work.

Convincing Bobby that outside is a much better place for a nap.

We’re excited for what’s ahead! Follow us to hear more of stories from our staff and volunteers about life in the office, experiences on clinic trips, and updates on the promotora program!

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  1. Michelle Willcox says:

    I hope no animals were injured in the making of this blog…!!!

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